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Check Out Some Fun Things To Do with Coworkers Outside of Work


Our daily lives

When 5 o’clock hits and you see all of your coworkers and employees rush out the door, do you ever wonder what they’re going to do later? Maybe some people will grab a drink at the nearby bar to wind down from the day. Others will speed walk to their cars and make their way home, inch by inch moving along with the traffic. A few people will grab some greasy fast food for dinner and then melt into the couch. Such a sad ending to a long work day will not refuel their energy for the next day. And soon, burnout could take over your workforce. Remember, all work and no play makes a person dull!


Oftentimes, people don’t do anything after work. They have no time for their hobbies as it is like extra work after a long day. More effort means their interests go unexplored. They flop onto their couch, pull out their smartphone,and zone out until it’s time to get ready for bed. Exhausted parents do chores around the house or help their children with their homework. New parents are constantly at the mercy of their baby, who needs attention at all times. People are busy and just don’t have the time or energy for organizing new activities for themselves. So back to the cellphone they go. 


The time is now!

Everyone needs a break from the monotony of work and life. Even if people love their careers and  are content with their home life, doing the same activities over and over again will become dull. When monotony is on the rise, you and your crew must leave the office.  Group outing ideas are needed more and more in the workplace. They help prevent worker burnout as well as provide creativity if the outing is a new experience. Team building programs are a great way to break up the dullness of the work week.


Sailors sing for good reason!

Group outings ideas are activities people can look forward to. Their morale and energy will build up  as the event date draws nearer. And nothing is more energetic than sailing. The wind is your hair as the salt sprays your skin is always a vibrant and stimulating experience. San Diego is a gorgeous city with a warm ocean and wild winds. To not take advantage of the ocean’s wild waters is like hiring a person gifted with numbers and then instructing them to work in the mail room. It would be foolish and deprive the people of your office of an unforgettable experience. One time on a corporate sailing charter is a time no one will ever forget.


An uncharted adventure!

If you ask anyone at your work when was the last time they went sailing, 9 out of 10 people will not have gone anywhere near a ship in the past 5 years. Some people have never been on a ship, or a boat, or a speedboat, or even a jet ski! They are missing out on an amazing experience. 


If you wish to break up the monotony of the after work hours, book a ship with Star and Stripes  corporate sailing charters. Imagine how your coworkers will react when you tell them they won’t be stuck in traffic after work, because there is no traffic on the open seas! Instead of fax machines, there is only the bright San Diego sun! Forget about turning in papers and worrying about deadlines, because your coworkers now must raise the mainsail and steer the ship across San Diego Bay! 


A wonderful distraction

Group outings ideas are best done when work is over, so no one loses a day of work and then has to hustle for the remainder of the week to make up for lost time. Being out on the water in San Diego is a wonderful experience that no one will turn down. The ocean is a naturally calm place which comforts all types of people.


As you sail the beautiful Bay, you will be given the opportunity to sail the ship as a team building activity. Everyone is welcome to try, but if you feel like kicking back and watching the waves, that’s good too! It is a far more stimulating experience than performing an office-wide cheer! While you’re on the ship, there is a videographer recording all of the exciting moments, so the office will never forget what a wonderful time you shared together. 


Team building time!

If you want to set sail with us but are looking for ways to strengthen the cooperation of your office, we can help you out! Stars and Stripes team building programs are a great program designed to improve the cooperation and dynamics of your group. Our experienced charters can improve the communication of your group, by establishing new relationships or strengthen new ones. We are also known for revealing the strengths and weaknesses of people by situating them in a position they are not used to. After one trip, you will be surprised at the different talents you have never seen in your work mates. And nothing draws out a person’s talent like a friendly competition. How does a 3 round race around the San Diego Bay sound? We thought you would like it! 


Spending time with your coworkers shouldn’t only happen at work. When you spend time together outside of the office allows people to unwind and show their fellow workmates a new side of themselves.  Also, new and exciting experiences is what keeps people happy, attentive, and motivated. The human mind wasn’t built to work for 8 hours, drive an hour in traffic and become a vegetable in front of a screen. We must be stimulated, motivated, and inspired often to stay happy, creative, and dedicated to producing quality work. This is why team building activities are so important for the whole office. When you make these principles an essential part of how your office operates, it will show right on the faces of your employees. They will become more motivated at work, have a pleasant demeanour, and enjoy the thought of being at work.

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