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We will tailor your sailing event to meet your corporate or team-building needs. Stars & Stripes USA-11 and IL Moro ITA-16 are both available for charters or can be chartered for racing events. Fill out the contact form below for more information.

The Best Corporate Team Building Activities in San Diego


As a manager, you have been placed in a position of serious responsibility. Hiring, evaluating, and training new employees is a common but time consuming part of your job. And in the old days, employee management meant checking to see if deadlines were met, providing additional resources so they can complete their work, and planning parties every friday for the birthday people of the week. Nowadays in today’s modern office, managers are now responsible for ensuring your employees can collaborate together. 


Managers need to help their employees develop a personable relationship with one another. And as any high school teacher knows, you can’t force a bunch of strangers to be friends. Developing a motivated and friendly office environment is an intense responsibility. The mood in a workplace can be the difference between happy employees and strong cooperation skills or an apathetic workforce who cannot wait for 5 o’clock to come. This is where team building programs can come in handy.


Strangers to friends

When people come together for work, there are bound to be mishaps and incidents. Strangers are working together, so they don’t understand how to interact with their workmates’ personalities. They are not used to each other and don’t know where each others’ strengths and weaknesses either. They could overwhelm someone with work or micromanage someone to the point of annoyance. In order to minimize or prevent misunderstandings from occurring, employees need to respect the emotions and limits of their fellow coworkers. 


For emotional respect, people need to spend time with their coworkers in a variety of settings. Simply being in the workplace will not provide a wide range of situations needed to learn about who you work with. It is only through new and long-lasting experiences that workmates will become comfortable with each other. Team building ideas can improve the ways people interact with one another.


Let’s work together!

Team building activities are simple but effective ways to promote employee synergy and cooperation. Group outing ideas can create personal bonds between coworkers and turn them into friends. A friendly environment means employees look forward to being at work and their attitude towards their job and work will drastically improve. Employers will be able to trust their fellow worker and not hesitate to help them as well. While there are many ways to improve team building at work, nothing beats a day away from the office! Now that will grab your employee’s attention! The benefits of team building are so numerous you would be foolish not to book one!


Out of the office!

One of the many types of team building activities you can choose from is corporate sailing charters. Imagine being out on the ocean with your workers; feeling the warmth of San Diego’s bright sun as it shines in the sky, the wind guiding your beautiful sailing ship along the outskirts of the bay. No one would forget such a trip! If you are interested but don’t know where to start, check out the team building programs at Stars and Stripes. Our experienced crew has the knowledge to turn your group of coworkers into friends. As for teamwork, we will whip your office into shape!. One outing is all your need and the energy of your office will be forever improved. While on Stars and Stripes’ sailing ships, your adventures aboard will be filmed by a videographer. Every wonderful, heart-pumping moment will be captured so the office will always remember their time together.


Race to the finish line!

To get your blood pumping at the end of an unforgettable day, your group will race each other three times around San Diego Bay. The ships we use are not just well-crafted; our ships are true racing vessels! Both of our ships competed in the America’s Cup venue race in 1992.  The race was held right here in San Diego Bay. You couldn’t have picked better ships to strengthen the bonds of your workers. A friendly competition on the sea will breath new life into your workers as they compete together to be #1. Our crew will provide assistance and take command as you raise the sails, fight against the wind, steer the rudder, and sail through the finish line. Your office will build valuable career skills: communication, confidence, leadership, and sailing skills: hoisting a sail, steering, nautical directions terms, and much more!


Reward for a hard day’s work

But what if your office has already developed great teamwork and the feeling of friendship flows through the vents of the building? You may not need team building activities to improve cooperation, but your employees do need a reward for all of their hard work. If this is the case, you can choose Teamusa11’s Stars and Stripes corporate sailing charter. Instead of a simple pizza party in the breakroom, your office will know how much they are appreciated when they step on to our beautiful ships and take in the salty breeze. They won’t miss the A/C at all!


Nothing will be better for morale than galavanting in the wild ocean alongside your teammates in the beautiful San Diego Bay. If you can practically hear your office’s excitement at such a suggestion, then feel free to contact us and inquire about our private sailing charter. A wild time on a corporate sailing charter is bound to impress everyone than a regular pizza party in the breakroom! Your people can relax and take in the sea or they have the opportunity to learn about sailing as they help our crew sail and man our ships. A photographer is also available for sailing charter so you can always remember the wild time you experienced on the ocean.


As the sun sets

At the end of the day, team building activities are designed to energize your coworkers and transform strangers into teammates. A friendly and more collaborative workforce gives companies an edge over their competitors. This edge is what will grow your piece of the market and entice high quality worker to work for you. With the increase in hires, you will have to book even more corporate team building exercises! At that point, you’ll be booking our sailing ships so often, we might just make you a crew member! Just kidding! We know you love your job! See you soon!


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